A solidarity march was organized in support of fighting contingent of peasants in and around Delhi against the three black laws enacted by the central government intended to handover the farm lands to the national and international corporate companies to loot the peasants. Leaders and cadres of CPI (M), CPI, CPI (ML) assembled at Budh Smiriti Park at Patna. Later state leaders of RJD also joined. A mass meetings took place near the park presided over by four members presidium comprising of Arun Kumar Mishra, CPI(M) , Janki Paswan, CPI, Raja Ram, CPI(ML) and Alok Mehto, RJD.

While addressing the gathering CPI (M) State Secretary Awadhesh Kumar demanded the immediate withdrawal of three agricultural black laws and desist from repressive measures unleashed against the peasants assembled in Delhi. He warned that the fighting peasants are not alone. Peasants of the entire country are with them. He thundered that the peasants of Bihar will soon join their fighting brethren and will fight till the anti-peasant laws are withdrawn.